Live Music Venues:

(Nashville, TN)

Douglas Corner Café… My favorite Nashville club to play or listen… known for its’ "Lamplight In the Round" shows. Owned & managed by a songwriter! Posted schedules.

Station Inn … World famous bluegrass club… allows drums and electrics now and then… a fun place. Posted schedules.

Sutler … (Not online)… An intimate setting for all kinds of music.

Ryman Auditorium A must if you’re into country music history! I’ve been to some interesting events in this former home of the Grand Ole Opry… concerts, plays and funerals. Posted schedules.

Grand Ole Opry Weekend home of old and new country stars. Find out who’s appearin’ and when. Listen to live web broadcast.

Bluebird CaféA well known venue for folk, country and blues… a "listening" room with lots of "In the Rounds". Posted schedules and "store".

The Exit InGet down, get loud, join the crowd… eclectic music leanin’ toward alternative country, punk, funk, rock, blues or whatever…. Cool club, but you’ll prob’ly have to stand up. Posted schedules.

(Austin, TX)

Check out Austin Americana under "Cool Music Sites".


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