Shawn Camp released a terrific album on Warner Reprise back in the early ‘90’s (he cowrote all but one song – two with me!), but is probably best known as a writer for "Two Pina Coladas" by Garth Brooks, and "How Long Gone" by Brooks & Dunn. He’s also had a bunch of country album cuts. Joy Lynn White introduced us, and I’ve known him about 10 years (or 10,000?). In that time he’s turned me on to fishin’, taught me a lot about guitars and fiddles & bows, songwritin’, singin’, and believin’… heck, he even introduced me to Guy Clark! Shawn is a good friend and my absolutely all time favorite cowriter! Allen Reynolds and Mark Miller have co-produced a moving and exciting collection of Shawn’s songs over the past few years, and the new CD, Lucky Silver Dollar, is now available online at 

Don Wayne… The first song I heard on the radio as I drove into Nashville in 1974, was Country Bumpkin sung by Cal Smith… I thought it was (along with several Tom T Hall classics) a high-water-mark for story songs. A few days later I'm in a bar called the Country Corner and hear Don Wayne singin' Country Bumpkin… he also wrote it! AND Saginaw Michigan (Lefty Frizzell), cowritten with Bill Anderson! AND… Time To Pay the Fiddler (Cal Smith) and the list goes on and on… he's had tons of cuts! Don was the first real songwriter to treat me as a peer. He was and is a genuine gentleman. We only wrote one song together several years ago, but still keep in touch. I'm proud to know Don … heck he’s in the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame! Check him out at

Dickey Lee had a million-sellin' hit record (Patches) when I was in high school. So, imagine how I felt twenty years later when I found myself cowritin' with him after I signed with the Welk Music Group in the early 1980s! We only wrote a few songs together (I used to get paid for a cut on one in Europe, but never could find out who recorded it and never saw or heard a record!). However, Dickey has had hits in the 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s and 90's… and he's still rockin'! Dickey is also in the Nashville Songwriter’s Hall of Fame at:

Max T Barnes is the son of legendary Hall of Fame songwriter, Max D Barnes, and he's well on his way to becomin' a legend himself! Max T is the cowriter (with Skip Ewing) of the touching ballad, Love Me (Collin Raye) and How Your Love Makes Me Feel (written with Trey Bruce and recorded by Diamond Rio). In fact, several of his songs have topped the charts, earning him numerous awards and hopefully lots of money. He deserves it all… what a talented, nice guy! He's also (at least in my book) a guitar and studio wizard… I should know, havin' spent a lot of time in the studio with him. Max T and I’ve written a couple songs together. By the way I met Max T through Joe Sun. Thanks, Joe!

Mel McDaniel is best known for singin’ the songs of other writers, but he’s written some fine tunes on his own, i.e. Goodbye Marie (cowritten with Dennis Linde and recorded by Kenny Rodgers) and God Made Love (the first Mel McDaniel record I remember hearin’). He wrote several of the cuts on his albums, and his songs have been covered by Ronnie Milsap, Debbie Boone, Commander Cody and Hoyt Axton … to name a few. Mel is another one of those shining old souls, and is one of my all time favorite singers. We used to hang out together and wrote one song with Bruce Brown and my son, Sean. Find out what Ol’ Mel up to now at

Taylor Dunn is one of my favorite people. He’s an old time fiddler and guitar player and a terrific songwriter. He cowrote I Don’t Have to Wonder (Garth Brooks) with Shawn Camp and also wrote one of my favorite songs with Paul Overstreet … Seeing My Father in Me (Paul Overstreet). Taylor is also a fine family man, and he knows how to build things! He and I wrote several songs together while I was at Forerunner and he was writin’ for Reba McEntire’s Starstruck Music.

Jan Pulsford played keyboards with the Thompson Twins for several years before joining Cyndi Lauper’s band. She’s written bunches of songs with Cyndi and produced several of Cyndi’s records as well. She’s also produced David Schnaufer, Nigel Pulsford (Bush), Happy Charles and other cool artists (includin’ herself)! She owns and operates a really neat recording studio a few miles north of Nashville and has an exciting "online record store". I’m delighted to say she made time in her busy life to write one song with me (There with You)… you can hear it in the "Music Clips" section of this site and find out more about her at

Vince Farsetta was born in New York City and came to Nashville via West Virginia and Jamaica. So, it’s no surprise he’s a two time "National Old Time Banjo Champion" and a kickass reggae/ska performer and writer! He’s had cuts by David Schnaufer as well as Colorado based Leftover Salmon and has released several of his own albums. I first met Vinny in the late ‘80s when he was playin’ fiddle on a Schnaufer session at Jack’s Tracks and again when he was playin’ mandolin in Toni Price’s Nashville band, The Jam Wranglers. I wrote several reggae songs with him…it was exciting and fun! (And he recorded one of em!) Oh, yes…in May 2000 I played some music with him in Austin, Texas; at that time he was talkin’ ‘bout movin’ to Florida, but a few months later I received an email from him sayin’ he was playin’ bass in a Latin band in Morgantown, West Virginia! So…the best way for you to find him and his music is on his web site at

Barry Tashian and his band, The Remains opened for the Beatles on their 1966 US tour. After that he played guitar and sang with Gram Parsons for awhile. Then he played and sang in Emmylou’s Hot Band for 10 years or so. He currently tours with his wife Holly… together they have released five beautiful recordings produced by Jim Rooney. Barry’s had lots of cuts, and we wrote several cool songs together while we were both staff writers at Forerunner Music Group. Find out more at … Be sure to check out Barrys’s book TICKET TO RIDE: The Extraordinary Diary of the Beatles’ Last Tour !

Lionel Delmore is the son of the late, great Alton Delmore of the famous Delmore Brothers. Lionel is best know for the songs he’s cowriten with John Anderson… you might remember Swinging (John Anderson)! But he’s also cowritten some good ones with Larry Cordle such as Lower on the Hog ( Mel McDaniel). I wrote one song with Lionel (and John Anderson) titled Down in the Orange Grove. It was a single for John in the mid ‘80s.   Lionel Delmore passed away on May 20th, 2002. He will be missed by many.

Benita Hill is the daughter of a Jazz, Big Band, "torch" singer, and she carries on that tradition. However, she’s also sung backup with a variety of artists: from Conway Twitty to the Alman Brothers. Oh yes, she’s also the cowriter (with Pam Wolfe) of several Garth Brooks cuts includin’ It’s Your Song and Take the Keys to my Heart. And she cowrote Two Pina Coladas (Garth Brooks) with Shawn Camp and Sandy Mason. Benita is one very inspired and inspiring human being. We wrote one cool, inspiring song together. By the way Benita has two sizzling CDs of her own available online at

Steve Bogard … I first met Steve in 1982 at Welk Music Group where we were instant old friends (felt like it was nice to see him again the first time I saw him!). Within days we were sharin’ an office and writin’ songs together. He could write two verses while I was workin’ on one line, but he always made me feel good about it! Steve’s one of those guys who was makin’ a living from music at the age of 15. In fact, some of you "Central Florida Baby Boomers" might remember him from the ‘60s Tampa rock band, the Paragons. (Or as a pitching ace for the Kings High baseball team where he once struck out Steve Garvey). We wrote, maybe, 30 - 40 (?) songs together before we drifted apart. Steve taught me a lot about music, songwriting and recording, but obviously I should have paid more attention … he’s become one of the most successful songwriters in Nashville. Let’s see now, Steve cowrote: Early Morning Ride (Lee Geenwood) with Jeff Twill, Jealous Bone (Patty Loveless) with Rick Giles, New Fool at an Old Game (Reba) with Rick Giles, Carrying Your Love with Me (George Strait) with Jeff Stevens and … Heck that’s enough! (But, the list goes on … and on… go Steve!!!) Steve Bogard is one of the hardest workin’ songwriters I know, and he deserves it all. I’m proud to know him.

Bruce Brown was playin’ guitar for Mel McDaniel when I met him. He’s a terrific musician and a really nice guy. He cowrote the Travis Tritt hit Was I Dreaming with Travis Tritt. I wrote one song with Bruce and Mel and my son, Sean.  Last I heard Bruce was playin’ with the Charlie Daniels Band.

Brice Long is a really nice guy and an excellent singer/songwriter whom I met through Shawn Camp. Brice has cuts by Gary Allen and other artists and has written for several publishers around town. He’s a frequent cowriter of Shawn Camp’s and like Shawn, he should have a record deal. Brice and I cowrote several songs a couple years ago.

Hal Ketchum … Though best known for his singing, Hal writes a lot of songs includin’ a lot of the ones he’s recorded. I met Hal when we were both writin’ for Forerunner Music Group. We wrote several songs together… it was fun and a real treat to hear him singin’ em as we wrote em! Hal’s an interesting human being.

David Erwin is another alumnus of the Welk Music Group. An excellent musician, singer and songwriter, he had a hit on Charly McClain back in the ‘80s on a song titled, You’re my Music, You’re my Song (cowritten with Jimmy Carter… the songwriter, not the peanut farmer!). David has played guitar with the Judds, Paul Overstreet, Shelby Lynn and Holly Dunn to name a few. We wrote a couple dozen songs together, and though we only had one recorded (New Love), it was recorded four times in one year!

Jim Rooney was born in Boston, Massachusetts, but he's as Irish as they come. He also commutes to work farther than anyone else I know… from Ireland to Nashville to Vermont to Nashville to Ireland and back again and again! His bio would take you back to the beginnings of the 1950's Cambridge folk scene where his friends and contacts included Joan Baez, Judy Collins, and Richie Havens… the list goes on and on. He was a major player in the Woodstock, NY folk movement with Arlo Guthrie, Maria Muldaur and Pat Alger. He's coauthored a couple interesting and informative books with Eric Von Schmidt... I recommend Baby, Let Me Follow You Down! He's produced more cool artists than I can name here, but to mention a few… Nancy Griffith, Hal Ketchum, Iris Dement, and John Prine. Jim and I met in 1975, but didn't start cowritin' until last year and so far have only written three songs… but we expect more! We just got our first cut in Ireland by Sean Keane… (And we expect more!).

Sean McCullough is an old soul who has chosen to play the role of my son this time around. He also plays guitar a little, works a lot and is the proud father of my only grandson, Connor! Sean and I cowrote My Ol' Four Wheel Drive which was recorded by Mel McDaniel back in the mid '80s. Today Sean is, at least in the eyes of this pc novice, somewhat of a computer wizard. He has been designing and maintainin' web sites for several years and in fact, built, hosts and maintains this one! If you're interested in securin' his services (or just wanna say hello), contact him at  I highly recommend him!

Joy Lynn White is a singer's singer… her fans include Lucinda Williams, Iris Dement, and a host of talented, successful performers! I've been a fan myself for nearly thirteen years (since the very first time I heard her sing!). She sang the first demo of Starry Lullaby, and since that time we've been great friends. We've written several strong songs together and had a couple recorded. A few years ago she recorded two albums for Columbia and in 1998 released an excellent CD on Little Dog… not to be confused with Lucky Dog (Sony) who has just reissued one of her earlier Columbia releases. Joy recently played me some new stuff she's been writin' and recordin', and it's her best work yet! Check her out at

Taylor Pie was the female voice in the 60's folk/pop/country group Pozo Seco Singers (Don Williams was one of the male voices). They were best known for their pop hit Time. Pie went on to write with and for several artists, and recorded at least one unreleased album with producer Allen Reynolds. I met Pie at Forerunner when Allen suggested we might enjoy writin' together. We did! We wrote several astonishing songs includin' Leave On the Light and Walkin' On the Moon, two of my all time favorites. She is a gifted musician and singer and a very caring human being. We recently had our first cut together… Oh, Mandolin (Valerie Smith) which we cowrote with Debbie Nimms.

Larry Cordle grew up in Kentucky pickin' on the porch with his neighbor, Ricky Skaggs. I met him while we were both writin' for Welk Music Group in the early '80s. He's penned a lot of hits, but my favorites would be Highway Forty Blues (Skaggs) and Two Highways (Allison Kraus). I read somewhere that Larry's songs have been on albums totalin' forty four million sales! I saw him at the Station Inn last night (08/25) and asked him about that figure… he casually responded, "Nah, Herb… it's actually nearer to fifty now." (that's 50,000,000!)… not bad for an ol' bluegrass born and bred country boy who's also a good guy. I might add that although we've written several cool songs together only one has hit the million sales mark… that'd be It's Gone (Diamond Rio). Thanks, Larry for helpin' me earn one of those platinum awards!

Jim Rushing, has had a remarkable career as a songwriter. Some of the artists who’ve recorded his songs: George Jones, Dolly Parton, Don Williams, The Kendalls, The Oak Ridge Boys, Patty Loveless, Montgomery Gentry, Rhonda Vincent, Martina McBride, Trace Atkins, Kenny Chesney, Sara Evans, Garth Brooks, and Shawn Camp … and that’s just a few of em! Jim wrote my favorite Gene Watson hit, Nothing Sure Looked Good on You and the Ricky Skaggs classic, Cajun Moon. And he took time to write several songs with me, including a couple of as yet unrecorded classics: Life of a Lie and Long Black Lincoln Dream. He also helped me earn one of those Platinum Record awards for our song Hey You There in the Mirror as recorded by Mark Chesnutt. And you’ll find his name on a lot of those million-selling Larry Cordle songs! 

Matt Lindsey has the mind of an administrator, but in his heart he's all songwriter. When I met him he was a songplugger on his way to becomin' a vice president of Forerunner Music Group. He's had cuts by lots of folks and has written with lots more (includin' Tony Arata!). Matt and I've written a few together includin' a jewel of a story song titled Hickory Hollow Times & County News.

Harley Allen is the son of the late, great bluegrass legend, Red Allen. Maybe that explains why he's also one of the most naturally gifted songwriters I've ever worked with. (Or maybe it's because he has such a beautiful soul). I met Harley about 30,000 years ago(????), but more recently in 1993 when one of my favorite, most trusted publishing acquaintances, Pat Finch, suggested we might write well together… he was right! We cowrote some absolutely stunning songs! Thanks Pat. Harley wrote my favorite Alan Jackson hit, Between the Devil and Me with Carson Chamberlain . You can learn more about him at 

Sandy Mason is the sole (soul?) writer of When I Dream which appeared on two Crystal Gayle albums before it was a hit! But, my favorite version was recorded by Cowboy Jack Clement… If you're a songwriter and don't know this song, I suggest you find it, listen to it and let it soak in… It's got magic… I don't know what it is, but I'm still hopin' it rubs off on me! I met Sandy at Jack's Tracks recording studio when I started workin' with Forerunner Music Group which was located in the same building. Though we've hung out a lot, we've only written one song, Dream Within a Dream which was recorded by "new age" artist, Laura Theodore in Colorado… I wish they'd send us a copy! Sandy is more recently known for cowritin' Two Pina Coladas with Benita Hill and Shawn Camp.

David Schnaufer... David is a fellow traveler (10,000 yrs.?). I met him through John Lomax III in 1987. The first song we wrote was "Starry Lullaby" for my granddaughter, Ashley… it’s been recorded 4 or 5 times and has been performed live for thousands of people in all kinds of situations (you never know where a song will go). The next one we wrote was "Twilight Eyes" which was most recently recorded by David and Cyndi Lauper (you never know where a song will go). David is a wizard with the mountain dulcimer, a teacher, an excellent storyteller and a good friend. We’ve written more than a dozen songs, and I look forward to seeing where the next one will show up! Find out even more about him at

Gwil Owen… you know him from the "Horse Whisperer" movie; he’s the cowriter of "A Soft Place To Fall". I know him through Toni Price; she’s recorded about 30 of his songs. I wrote a couple of songs with him, but I like the songs he writes without me better! His current CD is MAGNETIC HEAVEN (one of my favorites)! Check him out at

Jim Sales… I only wrote one song with Jim, but it’s a very special one. I write about him here to say he’s one terrific "bluesman".

Davis Raines… One night about a year ago I walked into a club in Nashville to hear Valerie Smith, and Davis was playing with his band --- I was instantly mesmerized by this guy, still am. The very next day I had my publisher set up a meeting, and we were instant friends (10,000 yrs. again?). To date I’ve only written one song with him, but we visit often (albeit not enough). Check out his absolutely awesome CD, BIG SHINY CARS

Tony Arata is the man who wrote "The Dance" (you know, Garth’s really big show stopper) and "Here I Am" (Patty Loveless), and I feel blessed to have sat in a room and written one song with him while we were both signed with the now defunct Forerunner Music Group. I’m bettin’ you’ll feel blessed too when you hear him sing.

Valerie Smith… I first heard Valerie sing in 1998 at Nashville’s "World Famous Station Inn" and tried to meet her after the show but got tired of waiting in line! Later that same year Shawn Camp introduced us at a SPBGMA convention . She kept sayin’, "I know your name from somewhere…", then five minutes later she started singing one of my songs. Of course, I liked her immediately! Since then, we’ve become good friends and have written several songs together… she does a few of them in her live shows with her band "Liberty Pike". Valerie has two terrific albums on Rebel Records, PATCHWORK HEART, and TURTLE WINGS. Learn more at

Carl Chambers... Carl wrote the perfect love song… or at least "Close Enough To Perfect" for ALABAMA. He wrote it about his wife, Nancy. It’s REAL. And Carl’s as real as they come. He’s also been a major part of the Central Florida music scene for about forty years. I met Carl in 1979 when I moved back to Fla for a couple of years.  He was session leader, guitar player and background singer on every demo I did while I lived there, and he taught me more about honesty and honesty in music than anyone since my mama. We wrote several songs together, and as I write this I miss him a lot! He was and is an inspiration to me. If you live in Florida and need demos (or masters!) call Carl. You can find him at his cool, historic landmark site on the web: Tell him I said hello.

Rattlesnake Annie is a 21st century troubadour, who was born in Tennessee, lives in Spain and tours the world recording and performing her music. She is "way cool". I met her in Nashville in 1998 at a John Lomax party where she and I wound up swappin’ songs which led to us cowritin’ later. AND… she introduced me to her friend, guitar legend, Lonnie Mack… WOW! Her bio will amaze you, and her music will haunt you long after you turn it off. Put your name in her "guest book" at

George Marinelli was the guitar player for Bruce Hornsby and the Range before he played with Bonnie Rait. Now he’s in a new Nashville band called Air Parma. George is also a terrific songwriter. He and I wrote one song together (The Wizard of Was) while we were both stationed at Camp Forerunner in the late ‘90s. He’s a cool dude with a cool voice, and he plays some mean guitar!

Guy Clark is a legendary singer/songwriter. His first album, Old NO. 1, released in 1975, is still a classic! He’s now recorded more than a dozen albums and they’re all terrific. His songs have been covered by Johnny Cash, Rodney Crowell, Mary Chapin Carpender, Lyle Lovette, Everly Brothers, Waylon, Townes Van Zandt and many other equally cool artists. I met Guy through Shawn Camp. The three of us wrote a song together, and then Guy and I wrote another one. What a world! Check out his website:

Jamie Hartford is the son of the late, great John Hartford, but he’s definitely his own man when it comes to music. Though he’s performed as a "sideman" with his father and other legends such as Guy Clark, John Prine, and the Amazing Rhythm Aces he’s at his best doin’ his own songs with his own band, JHB (Jamie Hartford Band). Jamie and I’ve written a couple songs together, but frankly they don’t compare to the stuff he writes on his own…. like I said, "He’s his own man"! To find out more just click

Hobo Jim Varsos … This guy is one of the most interesting people I’ve ever met! Hobo can do just about anything… and does… all over the world! He’s a musician, singer/songwriter, performer who lives in Nashville and Alaska (where’s he’s the official State Troubadour!). We wrote several songs together (always fun!) and I’m proud to say Educated Man made it to one of his albums.

Ruby LovettWhen Allen Reynolds was too busy to produce any artists other than Garth Brooks, he met and agreed to work with two, Shawn Camp and Ruby Lovett! Buy her self titled CD and see why. Ruby is a "real deal country singer", and I’m proud to say we wrote a couple songs together. To find her on the www click

Wayne Jackson was a part of the legendary ‘60s Staxx Records in Memphis. He’s had hit records with his own band, the Markeys (Last Night) and also played trumpet on over three hundred gold and platinum records while workin’ with Elvis, Otis Redding, U2, Sting, Willie Nelson and many, many more. As a writer he’s had dozens of songs recorded by Sam & Dave, Eddie Floyd, Cher and Amy Grant and others. I have to admit when I’m with him it’s hard to stay focused on writin’… I wanna hear all the stories! Somehow, we did manage to write one cool song together. The last time I saw Wayne he was on TV playin’ trumpet with Robert Cray! For a complete list of his accomplishments go to his website:

Denise Drapper … Denise wrote a lot of songs with Harley Allen. I did too, and the three of us wound up writin’ a few really good ones together … none recorded yet, but I’ll bet they will be someday!

Mark Miller was one of the owners of Forerunner and is still the studio manager at Jack’s Tracks. He engineered all of our demos when he wasn’t workin’ on Garth’s projects). When he wasn’t doin’ either one he and I used to sit in the studio and "pick". During one of those fun days we actually wrote a song! We also started 2 or 3 with Shawn Camp. Mark’s an excellent guitar player and used to front his own band back in Indianapolis. He’ll always be a musician. And what a good guy!

Joann McCullough … My wife, Joann and I wrote a couple of songs together back in 1980… I always liked the title of the first one, You Don’t Have to Bake It (to Make It with Your Man)! (More about Jo in the THANKS section)

Johnny "Mitch" Mitchell … In the mid to late ‘60s and early ‘70s Mitch was a popular deejay in Houston (KIKK) til he started writin’ songs and hangin’ out with Willie Nelson. He did a brief stint on the road with Willie before recording for an independent Texas record label Then he made the inevitable move to Nashville. I hooked up with him in ’75 and we became the best of friends. Over the years we’ve written a few songs together … none recorded so far.

John Ragsdale is the brother of Ray Stevens and was in charge of Ray’s publishing company when we met. John took and interest in my songs and eventually signed some of them. He was kind enough to share his musical knowledge and experience with me, and we wound up writin’ a few songs together. Oh, yes… he showed me how to use chopsticks!

Debbie Nimms was workin’ as a receptionist at Jacks Tracks when I first met her. She was also Harley Allen’s steady "girlfriend", and he introduced us. Debbie joined Taylor Pie and I to cowrite one song, Oh, Mandolin (recorded by Valerie Smith). Debbie’s a very talented singer, musician, and songwriter, so I wasn’t too surprised when Garth called her and asked her to join him on the road singing backup and playin’ rhythm guitar and mandolin. She toured with Garth until he "retired" from the road. Last I heard she and Harley are married and have two beautiful (and no doubt talented!) children.

Paul Kirby, John Golemon, and Trampcollectively these guys, along with Will Golemon were a rockin’ band called Walk the West and, along with David Schnaufer and Sam Poland, were known as the Cactus Brothers. I wrote one song with the three of them, several with Paul and maybe a couple with Paul and Tramp (now with Bone Pony). These guys are awesome musicians, and I’m proud they let me sit down to write with ‘em!

Terry "Bird" Slane was a deejay at WGTO in Winter Haven, Florida when I met him in 1980. He played a couple of my songs on the radio, and I went out to the station to meet him. We were instant buddies and wound up cowritin’ 2 or 3 songs together. I’ve lost touch with him, but hope he’s still out there playin’ good music! If you see him, ask him to Call Me.

Still to come:

Page Wilson …

Donnie and Vicki Clark

Jack Madron

Jack Ross

David Anderson

If you’ve written with me and don’t see your name on this list… please let me know… I wanna include everyone I’ve written with.


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Song Title Cowriter(s)

Baby's Gone Home To Mama
You Just Keep On
Half A Day Away
Oh, Mandolin
Point of View
Fallen Star Saloon
Twilight Eyes
One of Em'sYours
Run, Run, Run
Blue Sky Lonely
Starry Lullaby
Out of My Hands
Love Ain't Supposed To Hurt
Educated Man
NYC, 23rd of July
No Easy Road
Grandpa Getcha Guitar
One of Them Days
Maybe In Mayberry
Wait A Minute
Ol' River Rock
Big City Bound
It's Gone
Hey You There In The Mirror
Mr. Snow
When Silence Was Golden
The Way You Move The Air
'O' Pony
Doggone That Ol' San Antone Rose
Down In The Orange Grove
Let's Do It Again
New Love
Make It With The Blues
Born To Drive
He Finally Made Up Her Mind
Ridin' Her Memory Down
My Ol' Four Wheel Drive
Born To The Night
I Believe A Man Can Fly
Hot Time In Old Town
Man of Means
Try My Love On For Size

Shawn Camp
Taylor Dunn, Shawn Camp
Shawn Camp
Susan Taylor Pie, Debbie Nimms
Jim Rooney
Shawn Camp
David Schnaufer
Shawn Camp
David Schnaufer
David Schnaufer, Paul Kirby
Harley Allen
David Schnaufer
Harley Allen
Harley Allen
Jim Varsos
Shawn Camp
Harley Allen
Jim Rushing
Shawn Camp
Joy Lynn White
David Schnaufer
Larry Cordle
Joy Lynn White
Larry Cordle
Jim Rushing
David Schnaufer
David Schnaufer
David Schnaufer
David Schnaufer
Donnie Clark
John Anderson, Lionel Delmore
Dwayne Blackwell, Bud Lee
David Erwin
Carl Chambers
Sean McCullough
Page Wilson

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