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7/6/00 Introduction

So Why am I here? No, not… WHY AM I HERE?… but what am I doing on the www? Why this website? I’m barely computer literate, and I’ve got nothing to sell (at least not yet!). Oh yes, I do have something to share… 25 years trying to make a living writing songs in Nashville has given me a lot of experiences and stories… that’s why I’m here, so let’s get started.
    On July 5th, 2000 I received a phone call from my former co-publisher, Forerunner Music Group, informing me that Arista Records had called, and Alan Jackson was in the studio requesting a lyric for one of my songs and was definitely recording it that day!
    Now, of course, being the seasoned professional I am… I knew not to run out and buy that fully restored, vintage ’69 Triumph Bonneville I’d been drooling over for months; however since one of my cowriters on the song already had several cuts by Alan (two being hit singles), and since our collective song pluggers had been pitching said song to Alan for a couple years, and since it is a damn fine country song, perfectly matched to a damn fine country singer… I figured it was a pretty sure bet and therefore allowed myself to maintain a minimum altitude of two feet above the ground (okay, maybe I drifted into the clouds once or twice, hey ya gotta ride that updraft when it’s there!)…. anyway, that lasted maybe 36 hours…. that’s how long it took for me to find out that although he was in the studio and did request a lyric, Alan Jackson did NOT record said song (at least not yet!).
Which goes to show… It ain’t easy! It’s a crazy business!
Hey, that reminds me of my first gig in Nashville (which was my first "gig" anywhere), but that’s another story… so, y’all come back!
See ya in a couple weeks,



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